Libertad Jazzera #103. Discordian Records

Libertad Jazzera #103. Discordian Records

Discordian Records es un sello discográfico y estudio de grabación que promueve la escena underground musical de Barcelona. Sus discos se pueden escuchar y/o comprar en MP3 o FLAC desde

Escucharemos temas de algunos de sus discos más recientes.


«Cap de Toro» by Free Art Ensemble


Iván González: Trumpet, Gong, Bells, Percussion, Bird Call, Horn
Julián Sánchez: Trumpet, Percussion, Bird Call, Horn
Pol Padrós: Trumpet, Sea Shells, Percussion, Bird Call, Horn
Oriol Fontclara: Alto & Baritone Saxophones, Bird Call
Tom Chant: Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Bird Call
Albert Cirera: Soprano & Tenor Saxophones, Flute, Bird Call
Àlex Reviriego: Doublebass & Electric Bass, Percussion, Bird Call
Marc Cuevas: Doublebass, Percussion, Bird Call
Ramon Prats & Arnau Obiols: Drums, Percussion, Bird Call

Recorded on January 10th & 11th of 2015 at Estudis Ground, Cornellá de Terri, Girona. Spain.
released 10 May 2015

To AEC Parte 1 (2:35) composed by Iván González
To AEC Parte 2 (4:04) idem.


«Burnin The Lab!» by Agustí Fernández + Mats Gustafsson

In April of 2013, Agustí Fernández gave a series of concerts at what could be considered the most vital jazz venue in Barcelona, the Jamboree Jazz Club. During a residence that lasted over a month, he invited some of the best improvisers from near and far to participate in the Agustí Fernández Lab Sessions; documented herein we have the session with saxophonist Mats Gustafsson guesting (performing for the first time in Jamboree, curiously enough) in a kinetic and compelling performance.

released 19 April 2015


Agustí Fernández: piano
Mats Gustafsson: tenor and soprano saxophones

All music by Agustí Fernández and Mats Gustafsson
Recorded by Lopinski and El Pricto at Jamboree on April 23, 2013

In Suspended Animation (06:44)

«Infatuous Chambers» by Johannes Nästesjö / Stefan Pöntinen / Luiz Rocha / El Pricto


Johannes Nästesjö: double bass
Stefan Pöntinen: violin
Luiz Rocha: bass clarinet and clarinet
El Pricto: alto saxophone and clarinet

All music by Johannes Nästesjö/Stefan Pöntinen/Luiz Rocha/El Pricto
except «Morro Fi» and «Netherworld» written by Johannes Nästesjö

Recorded by Lopinski at Studio Miranda on June 22, 2014
released 29 March 2015

Christopher Moklebust: Discordian Records seems to have classified Infatuous Chambers as avant-garde jazz – well, that is true, there is quite a lot of contemporary classical influence within this album. This becomes most apparent within the notation among many of the tracks as being atypical for jazz. All this being said, the jazz influence in this record comes largely from the moments of improvisation. A great listen!

Morro Fi (6:10)


«Golluts» by Alguns Homes Bons (de Genís Bagés)


Pol Padrós: trumpet
Joan Mas: alto sax
Marcel Bagés: electric guitar
Àlex Reviriego: double bass
Genís Bagés: drums

Recorded by Lopinski and El Pricto at Discordian Studio on October 20th, 2014
released 22 February 2015

Morayta (3:24)


«Amaranth» by Agustí Fernández / Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard / Bjørn Heebøll


Agustí Fernández: piano
Niels Lyhne Løkkegaard: alto saxophone and recorder
Bjørn Heebøll: drums

Recorded by John Fomsgaard at The Village Studio, Copenhagen on July 3, 2014
released 12 February 2015

Frenetic Movement (3:59)


«Draught, Suspicion» by Discordian Community Ensemble


El Pricto: clarinet and alto saxophone
Naná Rovira: bass clarinet
Pablo Rega: electric guitar
Diego Caicedo: electric guitar
Carlos Ródenas: electric bass
Enric Ponsa: drums

Recorded by Lopinski and El Pricto at Discordian Records on April 27, 2014
released 01 February 2015

«Hit & Run» (7:36) composed by El Pricto and Owen Kilfeather, conducted by Owen Kilfeather


«Electric Philokalia» by Berta Puigdemasa / Mikael Szafirowski


Berta Puigdemasa: harp
Mikael Szafirowski: electric guitar

Recorded by Lopinski and El Pricto on October 17 of 2013 at Convento de Las Carmelitas Descalzas
released 14 September 2014

Kalistos (2:46)


«Violencia (1962)» by Diego Caicedo


Diego Caicedo: electric guitar and prepared guitar

Recorded by Lopinski at El Patio Studio on November 27, 2013
released 03 August 2014

A (888 Metal) (5:30)


«Cosmic Goulash» by Pere Soto – Walter Lampe – Martín Leiton – Jordi Gardeñas


Pere Soto: guitar and computer work
Walter Lampe: fender rhodes
Martín Leiton: double bass
Jordi Gardeñas: drums

Recorded by Jordi Gardeñas and Pere Soto at Maruixa studios, Sabadell on February 21, 2014
released 13 July 2014

BPM 37093 (5:14)


«Ingredientes Secretos» by As Três Ladeiras


Adele Madau: electric violin
Marc Egea: hurdy gurdy
Eduard Altaba: double bass

Recorded by Lopinski and El Pricto on December 9, 2013 at Edy Baby Studio, Barcelona
released 11 May 2014

Cilindro de calabacín relleno de langostino emulsionado con miel (3:59)


«Trialogue» by Trialogue


Naná Rovira: bass clarinet
Carlos Ródenas: electric bass, voice and flute
Artur Boguña: drums

Recorded by Manuel Bernal Coya at La Masia Studio, Barcelona
Trialogue’s Webpage:
released 06 April 2014

Musicracia (2:28)


«Gruesome Routines» by Filthy Habits Ensemble


Pablo Selnik: Flute, Euphoric Pig Noises
El Pricto: Clarinet
Agustí Martínez: Alto Sax and Clarinet
Don Malfon: Alto Sax
Tom Chant: Tenor Sax
Jo Miramontes: Synthesizer
Director Wlkins: Electric Guitar
Sebi Suarez: Electric Bass
Vasco Trilla (Thriller): Drums

Composed, arranged and conducted by El Pricto
Recorded by El Pricto at Discordian Studio on October 2012
released 26 January 2014

Cerdoflauta (6:01)

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